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What would it take for them to say, “I will work my butt off for you?” 

I'm sure we all would want our team members to say that. So how does that happen? Well, it is simple- but not easy. Now is the time to assess your leadership's so-called "softer skills." Here is something to think about as you strive to increase performance: It is difficult leading someone you don't value; do you value them? And most important, do they know that? Have you told them? Do you acknowledge achievements both in public and privately? Do you look for and acknowledge their strengths? Do you think you are upfront and straightforward about problem areas? Do you listen to them? When you are in a one-to-one, do they feel they are the most critical person in your world [...]

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Attracting awesome people. 

Over the years, I had the pleasure of having some awesome people on our team. The other day in a coaching session, I was asked what makes people awesome. The context of the question was in a discussion of attracting winners, let’s call them awesome people. As I reflected on the question, I want to share with you what I shared with him.  As I think about some individuals I have had the privilege to work with, here is what I have learned about them. Awesome people are looking for a stimulating environment where they can grow, develop skills, and be part of a thriving organization Awesome people are looking for more than just a salary; they want to be [...]

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What is framing?

As a leader, your words are powerful. Framing is simply intentionally choosing words to set your listener's expectations. Leaders too often say things that send the wrong message and unintentionally bring up topics that distract their teams. I can most certainly plead guilty to this. I have committed that sin more than I care to remember. However, what I have learned in the process is to prepare. And then prepare some more. There is no substitute for lack of preparation. Here is a challenge for you: Did you intentionally prepare what you wanted to say before your last difficult conversation or meeting? I have found that every syllable that comes out of my mouth will be noticed and scrutinized. Wow—that [...]

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My Journal. 

I recently reviewed my journals and thought I would share some truths I jotted down. My intention is that you may find something here that will help you MAKE TODAY YOUR MASTERPIECE. “I must keep investing in my top 20% and give them disproportionate time and energy.” “I must remember not to confuse busyness with results. There is no substitute for results. That is what separates a leader." “People will support what they help create. Put them in the vision and mission and tell them where they contribute.” “If I don’t like change, I will like irrelevance less.” “I must own the culture and recruit some culture carriers.” “I will commit to lifelong learning. Improving and getting better is not an [...]

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Is excellence a choice? 

Webster’s new world dictionary defines excellence as superiority, excellent as an adjective is first in class, highest grade, best, obtainable, or distinctive. Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a bus boy, bank teller, flight attendant, school teacher, administrative assistant, or a busy executive; excellence is a choice. However, when you wear the hat of a leader (a person who can influence another), you have no choice. Meaningful, sustainable impact and change can only come from a leader committed to excellence. I believe in the above context; excellence is when you intentionally use all the available resources to create a positive change in whatever you are engaged in. After all, who wants to be average? To make a sustainable impact, average [...]

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