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What your people expect.

What your people expect. As we near the end of the year, many of us will reflect upon the last 12 months. We ask ourselves, "What did I do well?" "What do I need to change in the coming year?" "How can I grow?" But, do we ever stop and ask, "Am I meeting my people's expectations?" Maybe it's time we do. In my experience, the following is a good list of expectations that your people have for you -- their leader. To communicate openly, honestly, and frequently To be predictable and consistent To have a plan for their growth To exhibit self-confidence balanced with humility To encourage them To challenge them To let them know how they are doing [...]

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How are you preparing your leadership team for 2021?

How are you preparing your leadership team for 2021? In a recent survey of 100 CEOs of mid-sized enterprises, more than 60% reported that they won’t have any sort of business plan for the coming year. If that doesn't sound like 2020, than I don't know what does! But why? Well, smart executives have discovered that many of these old-fashioned planning methods and practices don’t work anymore. Business and corporate planning processes have not changed in fifty years. They’re too complex, time consuming, and produce little or no benefit. In other words, they are almost always a waste of time, energy, and resources. But here is the problem, this leaves critical business goals to chance, or worse yet, risks missing [...]

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Be a leader. Be a giver.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but generosity brings life to all parties. As leaders, we have the privilege to give in many ways. Our generosity is not limited to our financial resources. There is no better feeling than to give your resources to another person and causes in need. “When one candle lights another, there are now two lit candles.” We can give our time and energy to causes. Volunteerism is our honor and privilege. Organizations, whether they be civic, charitable, or industry need talents and skills of effective leaders. We all have the time. It is true. The old saying,"busy people get things done." Our communities need our wisdom, talents and skills to guide and direct the impact of [...]

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