Purpose and meaning.

How important is it for your team to "show up" for purpose and meaning? Here are some eye-opening stats to consider. Robert Half researched why employees quit their current jobs. One of the top responses was to have more meaning and purpose. Another study by Reward Gateway found that 89% of employers said employees must understand the company's mission; however, only 25% feel completely informed about the purpose and mission. This is fundamental for leaders—it really is "low-hanging fruit" for us to pick. We are fully aware that purpose and meaning are "human." We all desire to have meaning, know that we matter, and know that our efforts help the cause, the purpose. I have learned that our people want to be part of an [...]

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What is a leader to do?

If you are leading, nothing is more rewarding than guiding someone to grow and become all they can be. It doesn't matter if you lead a large company, a department, or a small group of team members. Your leadership (your influence) matters. Leading, as you know, is also very challenging at times. People are complex, emotional, and have preferences (I could make a long list of what I mean). So what is a leader to do? Is there a secret sauce? Well, I'm not sure about a secret formula, but I can remind you and share some truths I have come to hold on to it. Your people buy into you before buying into your vision and plan.  As a [...]

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Just give me praise, please.

Recognizing a job well done or an "over the top" achievement is always welcomed by your people. Research has shown that praise and recognition are as important and, in some instances, more important than money. For example, if you received a note written to you from your boss, you have likely kept that the longest in your drawer; in fact, you may still have it. Why is that? Because praise works for everyone, there is no such thing as too much praise (as long as it's sincere). I have learned that regardless of individual preferences, virtually all employees want to hear what great work they have done. By the way, they wouldn't mind hearing it over again. It's like a sweet [...]

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So what is a mentor to do?

Research has proven that most people with mentors stay. Mentoring has become a way to transfer critical skills and knowledge, inspiring loyalty, improved engagement, buy-in, and increased productivity. If the plan is to build a more inclusive organization, mentoring is a powerful approach. I see more mentoring in my consulting and coaching work; and I stress it wherever possible. Results are the proof. The more direct reports who are mentored, the more engaged they become, and the less likely they will think about leaving. The simple truth is mentoring can be done without specific training or much time. In many cases, leaders mentor naturally without even realizing it. When you engage in mentoring, try these practices: Walk your talk: model what is [...]

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Better is first.

Recently, I was referred to a CEO by a CEO client of mine. My client has experienced significant business growth in the past two years and mentioned our work to his friend. We scheduled a "get acquainted "meeting at a coffee shop. Upon questioning him, he clearly stated he wanted to expand and get bigger. He has four retail locations in South Florida and wants 10 in the next three years. I know I shocked him to pause when I said I don't believe I'm his person. I pointed out that I don't work in the "bigger" space but in the better" space. I further pointed out that if we partnered, the focus would be on improving. Every aspect of [...]

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