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Your Masterpiece

As many of you know, I love the phrase, "Make Today Your Masterpiece."  So much so that I decided to write a book with that title. In a recent workshop I was conducting, one of the participants asked me what would constitute a masterpiece on any given day. Well, a good question of course. The answer is personal. I responded by reminding everyone of the definition of a masterpiece. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines a masterpiece as, "Great work, showpiece, a perfect model, things done or made with masterful skill." What makes it personal is that at the end of each day, you reflect on your activity and your actions to determine if the day was your greatest work, your [...]

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An attitude of gratitude. 

Thanksgiving is coming. Yes, it is one of our most revered holidays. A time set aside not just for turkey and all the trimmings but a time of giving thanks for all the good we have in our lives. Today, I am appealing to all in the Lead One Community. An appeal to begin the daily habit of expressing gratitude. I know this takes work. We have busy lives, plenty coming at us from all angles. I have learned that one of the best ways of dealing with daily pressures and anxiety is to form an attitude of gratitude. It does take practice. It requires being aware of all the good in your life and intentional about giving thanks. When [...]

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Who should get my time?

That is an excellent question for leaders. Your organization's size or responsibility will likely give you the answer. In most cases, you can’t give time equally. In simple terms, in my view, fair isn’t equal. As leaders, we must be jealous of how we use time and with whom. We must be careful not to treat time like we will never run out of it. It isn’t infinite. It is finite, and we are in control. You are likely familiar with the so-called 80/20 Rule—The Pareto Principle. An Italian economist developed the idea in the early 20th century. He observed a pattern that naturally occurred in nearly every aspect of life—from landowners to sales results. For example: 20% of a [...]

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The main thing — is the main thing. 

We all have plenty of work to do, plenty of activities, appointments, projects, deadlines to meet, customers/clients to serve—the list goes on—you know what I’m talking about. At any given time of the week or the day, there is that One Thing that is the Main Thing. Whatever it is, you must be all in, present, focused and ready to execute. I assume every team member has their Main Thing. Perhaps many people reading this are conducting a huddle, a weekly or even daily brief meeting. The frequency is specific to your needs. When you schedule a huddle, please follow these ideas to make sure you deliver on the Main Thing. There is a designated time when the leaders meet. [...]

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Are you teachable? 

"Who me? I’m the leader; I am supposed to be doing all the teaching around here."  I sure hope that is not the mindset of anyone reading this. That mindset is extremely dangerous. The correct answer is I AM TEACHABLE. I can’t be an effective leader without a strong desire to become more, learn more and grow more. I love Ghandi's quote, "Live like you will die tomorrow, and learn like you will live forever." You may be at the “top of your game” and  feel like you have it “all together."  If that is the case, you may need a dose of humility. Staying humble is critical for a leader on a journey to grow and improve. In fact, it has been [...]

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