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Give your leaders the tools to effectively lead others.

Take the lead.

Give your leaders the tools to effectively lead others.

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Teamwork begins within—within the heart of the leader who first leads himself or herself. This is one of those simple, yet wise, concepts that made Bob a great leader at Alliance and for us at Finseca/GAMA—and it’s what readers of this book will gain from reading it and applying the principles.

Bonnie Godsman

President, Finseca and CEO, GAMA Global

by example.

LeadOne Consulting was built under the premise that leadership is not about position or title — it’s about the opportunity to positively impact and influence another person’s life. So it’s no wonder that Bob Fashano, LeadOne’s Founder, has devoted more than 40 years to helping others develop into leaders. Bob has coached people from across the world from financial advisors and business executives to up-and-coming managers and entrepreneurs. A strong believer in personal growth, he is a member of The Circle, an elite mentoring group of top leaders led by nationally renowned speaker, John Maxwell.

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Our most important business asset is people.

Bob Fashano

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