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The importance of delegation.

All leaders know how important delegation is. We have many tasks and activities that someone else on the team should be doing.

Here is the challenge: when we get overloaded, the temptation is to just “get this off my to-do list.” Care must be taken to ensure we are not pushing our work to someone else. That is not delegation.

When delegating, […]

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Time to connect.

One of my favorite John Maxwell quotes is, “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.”

Applying that mindset and belief has impacted my leadership. Prior to grasping and living out this mindset, I felt I was the leader (boss), and If they needed something, they knew how to find me.

For me, this becomes even more apparent for my […]

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The decisions you make today are____________.

Allow me to complete the sentence. The decisions you make today are the stories you tell TOMORROW.

Think about it for a moment: We are where we are and doing what we are doing because of decisions we made prior. Each day, we have choices to make, such as what, where, how, and with whom. When you are in a leadership […]

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Inspire your team to persevere. 

I have been reflecting on the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton. He led the entire crew of his ship, Endurance, to safety after being marooned on an ice floe for 15 months. Forced to abandon his original plan to cross the Antarctic, Shackleton’s story holds strong lessons for leaders facing uncontrollable change.

Here are a few of his actions that you […]

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Purpose and meaning.

How important is it for your team to “show up” for purpose and meaning? Here are some eye-opening stats to consider.

Robert Half researched why employees quit their current jobs. One of the top responses was to have more meaning and purpose.

Another study by Reward Gateway found that 89% of employers said employees must understand the company’s mission; […]

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What is a leader to do?

If you are leading, nothing is more rewarding than guiding someone to grow and become all they can be. It doesn’t matter if you lead a large company, a department, or a small group of team members. Your leadership (your influence) matters.

Leading, as you know, is also very challenging at times. People are complex, emotional, and have preferences (I could […]

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