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That doesn’t just happen.

Last year I had the privilege and opportunity to get to know Pastor Michael Kai, and I can tell you that he is an inspirational leader. I just finished reading his latest book, “That Doesn’t Just Happen,” and I highly recommend reading it if you are looking to build a culture of true excellence. I love his title. That is so true with your personal growth and development. Your growth and your leadership development "doesn't just happen." You must be intentional and have a plan. For me, it starts with asking myself these questions: How will I be different next year at this time? What new knowledge will I have to acquire to perfect my craft and leadership? What new habits [...]

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How effective are your one-to-one meetings?

Most leaders meet regularly with their team members; I refer to these meetings as Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP) sessions or one-to-one time. Ask open-ended questions to understand better what your team is focusing on and how you can best support them. It can be challenging to determine whether these meetings are well-invested or an ineffective checkmark. My experience has taught me not to turn this valuable time into a training session or a long, drawn-out strategy session. Instead, use this time to identify better execution, results, and behavior change. There may be some coaching and or mentoring during the PEP, so be careful not to park there too long and not get to a commitment to action. Your team member, coachee, or mentee may [...]

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What is the purpose of the business?

I was addressing a business fraternity at a university recently, and I was asked, "What is the purpose of the business?"  I shared that my old answer to that question would have been, "To make a profit. Otherwise, why be in business?" But what I have learned is that profits are simply the result of the purpose. I shared that in the simplest terms, the purpose of the business is to create and cost-effectively keep a customer. Because without customers, there is no business. A critical measurement of success in any business is customer satisfaction. Every system, process, and activity must be aimed at satisfying customers in a manner that beats the competition. All successful businesses rely on repeat business, [...]

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The trials of time management. 

Napoleon Hill said, “ If you do not conquer yourself, you will be conquered by self.” We talk and hear a lot about self-discipline. There may be no other area in your life that is more important than how you manage your time; I believe it is a core discipline that largely determines the quality of your life. I have lived long enough to experience the consequences of not taking charge of “The Clock.” Here is what I know to be accurate: time is perishable; it cannot be saved; once it is gone, you can never get it back. All results require time. Time management is the ability to choose the sequence of events. We have to decide what comes; [...]

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Knowledge is Power.

I learned the phrase, “knowledge is power,” many years ago. Indeed, learning and even mastering a subject is satisfying. My intention today is to remind us that “knowledge without action can be powerless.” We can read volumes, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, attend seminars and workshops, and gain valuable information, only to discover there is very little value, if any, without putting into action the concepts, ideas, or principles you have learned. Being a lifelong learner is critical for leaders. However, unless we COMMIT to an action plan from what we have just learned, I ask you,  how valuable was the learning experience? Below are some questions to ask yourself as you seek the power in knowledge: Is what I just [...]

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