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The buck stops here. 

Depending on your age, you may not be aware of that slogan. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that stated “THE BUCK STOPS HERE.” This phrase during that time become very popular. Well, that may have been many, many years ago, however it applies just as much today as it did then. I have found the truth is whatever your role may be: CEO, Dist Supervisor, Dept. Head, School Principal, it doesn’t matter, YOU COUNT THE MOST. What I know to be true is, PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE and PEOPLE LEAVE PEOPLE. Research has proven this time and time again. It is not always about money or perks. These may get them in the door, but [...]

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Leadership and Problem-Solving.

The Sufi philosopher Azhar Khan once said “Life is a continuous succession of problems, like waves from the ocean. They never stop.” If that is true, solving problems is a critical leadership competency. Like an accident where someone is hurt you focus on caring for the injured person, stopping the bleeding, and minimizing damage before you start analyzing what and how it happened. Over the years I have learned when faced with a problem or crisis to discipline myself by intentionally staying calm, and thinking in terms of "what can be done now," rather than how it occurred and who is to blame. There will be time to reflect on the what and how and learn from that. Below are [...]

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Conflict is inevitable — now what? 

The fact remains, that we will always have conflict. On the job, with the boss, if you’re the boss with employees, at home in our relationships, and even outside the home. Frankly, as a leader, IT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY, we may not like it, but as the overused statement goes “it is what it is." How well you manage and handle conflict can be a deal-breaker. Conflict is like fire. When it sparks, it can intensify, spread, and cause pain, loss, and irreparable damage. It can distract, derail, and possibly destroy relationships. However, conflict is not an inherently bad thing. Different views, beliefs, feelings, values, and ideas will often collide. That is everyday life. My main point is, that [...]

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