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Three simple words.

How would you like to create a positive ripple effect that will move others to a deeper commitment? A three-word concept may be the right prescription. You see positive encouraging words are the seeds of commitment -- once they are spoken, they grow into results. We only have to say three simple words. Try a few of these out on your team, or someone in your life you care about. I appreciate you I trust you You will succeed I am sorry (and mean it!) I can help I understand you I promise you (and keep it!) I believe you You will succeed You inspire me I’ll bet you can think of more. We need to remember that the results [...]

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Mining for gold.

Andrew Carnegie was an excellent businessman, leader, and coach. He came to America from his native Scotland as a small boy. He did a variety of small jobs, and eventually ended up at the largest steel manufacturer in the United States. At one time he was the wealthiest man in America, and he became a great philanthropist. At one point during his career, he had 43 millionaires working for him. In the late 1800s, a millionaire was a rare breed. A reporter once asked Carnegie how he managed to hire 43 millionaires, with which Carnegie replied, “They were not millionaires when I hired them.” The reporter’s follow-up question was a simple, yet provoking one, “How did you develop them to be [...]

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Get serious about feedback and positive reinforcement.

One of the many lessons I have learned about encouraging performance is this: if you are serious about getting better results, you must deliver feedback on performance quickly, honestly, and consistently. Nobody likes to live in the gray area. People will not grow when they live in gray. As a leader, our job is to observe, analyze, and deliver fast feedback. Spending time with the troops in the trenches and observing and listening to them will prepare you for your feedback delivery. Always be prepared and ready to give positive reinforcement. Give it quickly -- that way it maintains its punch. Don't worry about giving too much positive reinforcement. I've never heard someone tell their leader, "Hey Boss, you reinforce me too [...]

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Seek first to understand.

The header of today's blog is one by Stephen Covey's, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In other words, before jumping to solutions, always strive to make sure are you are focusing on the right issue. By mastering the art of effective questioning, we can become problem solvers, coaches, and leaders. As a quick reminder, here are a few rules to follow: Avoid questions that will result in a yes or no response Avoid questions with hidden solutions Avoid multiple choice questions Ask open-ended questions: What is your desired outcome? What you have you already tried? Why is this important to you? What would this mean to you? What are you willing to commit to? As a leader, there exists [...]

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The dreaded task of delegation.

In every organization the leader is faced with the challenge of delegating. It could be a task, managing a project, executing a large initiative, but it's not always the leader who is involved. In fact, in my cases the leader most likely is not the best person for the job. When considering whether a team member is the right fit for a possible task, here are a few things to ask yourself: Do they have the time? Is this something they’ve expressed interest in? Do they have the skills needed to complete the task effectively? How much coaching, if any, is required? Do they typically meet deadlines? Will they work well with others? It is critically important that you clarify [...]

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