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Management vs. Leadership

Is there one superior to the other?  Is there a distinction?  What is the distinction?   Management is processes that keep people and technology running smoothly.  In simple terms- its systems, procedures and processes.  All must be “managed” to produce the outcomes required.   The important aspects of management are:  planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, controlling, problem solving.   Leadership creates the organization,  casts the vision and leads change.  In simple terms: it's influence, it's people.   Author and Harvard Professor John Kotter in his book: Force for Change, asserts when the above aspects of management function effectively, there is a degree of predictability.  This can produce short term results.   The important aspects of leadership are: establishing and communicating direction, [...]

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Listen More. Talk Less.

Many people would say listening means hearing.  Hearing is actually a physical act.  Listening is a more intentional and emotional act.  When we hear- we accept the sounds- when we  truly listen- we understand what is said.   When we listen intentionally, we are engaged in an active verse passive activity.   One of the keys to effective listening is to have less focus on ourselves and place the focus on the other person.   We need to listen more and talk less.  A good coach/leader must practice the art of effective listening.   When you think about it, the need to be listened to is a deep sound need in all of us.  It’s simple, when people don’t listen to [...]

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What motivates you?

What motivates you? In Daniel Goleman's work he sights motivation as an important component of emotional intelligence (EQ). He defines motivation as "a passion for work that goes beyond money and status." My own experience, combined with working with other leaders has taught me that what gets the "juices flowing," and what puts "the fire in the belly" is critical. You get up every day and want to tackle the problems, win new business deals, help another person grow and develop, and serve your clients/customers -- that's your motivation. It is that simple. We are best positioned for success when we're passionate and motivated by what we are doing. So here is the question, "What motivates you?" Where will you [...]

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Listening as a Core Competency

Better listening is critical for all of us in connecting and building relationships.  We all know it is better to understand than be understood.   Author and business consultant, Tom Peters, in his book The Little Big Things talks about listening is a core competency every relationship must possess.   What most people want is to be understood.  Most people want to believe and feel that what they say matters.  How true and critical this is for us in our day to day.   By effective listening, we communicate the value we have for the person’s thoughts.  Listening not only demonstrates care but also understanding their wants.  Listening says- what matters to you is all that matters.   In his [...]

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Be a Giver

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but generosity brings life to all parties involved.   As leaders, we have the privilege to give in many ways.  Our generosity is not limited to our financial resources.  However, what better feeling is there than to give your resources to another in need, and support causes we care about. “When one candle lights another- there are now two lit candles.”   We can give our time and energy to causes.  Volunteerism is our honor and privilege.  Organizations (civic, charitable, industry etc.) need talents and skills of effective leaders.  We all have the time.  It is true.  The old saying “busy people get things done."  Our communities need our wisdom, talents and skills to [...]

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