As leaders, one of our primary responsibilities is to grow our people. They will grow the business. We need to create an environment for growth where continual learning is expected. Leadership also models this behavior.

I am a strong believer in one-to-one coaching, which involves a designated time/ frequency to be determined together. I have found that a designated time is the most effective way of connecting and learning what is really happening in their world. The leader is 100% locked into the coachee, and the leader stays curious and asks open-ended questions.

I believe three factors influence performance:

  • The degree to which you sincerely believe they can achieve more.
  • The degree to which they believe that you believe that.
  • The degree to which there is trust, mutual respect, and rapport

When we coach, we encourage dialogue, ask the right questions, and draw out the responses; we don’t lead.

Here is a model, the GROW Model, that may prove helpful as you coach.

  • GOAL: You intend to learn what the person wants to achieve here. In your questioning, you are getting clarity on the desired outcome.
  • REALITY: You need to know what is currently going on. What could get in the way? What has prevented the goal from being accomplished up to this point?
  • OPTIONS:  You will ask questions and help them determine all the possible solutions and options. Always ask open-ended questions. They do the work.
  • WHAT:  You determine what they are willing to commit to. What are the next steps?

I have used this process for years and shared it with others in my coaching program. I encourage you to GROW with the GROW Model. Try it out.

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