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Could you be fully present?

Often it is easy to slip into the habit of not being present. After all, as a leader, you have plenty of activities in your mind and at your office. Here's an example. Someone on your team "pops their head into your door" and asks—" Have a minute?" Oh boy, here it comes (do they mean a minute?). You are in the middle of something; it could be a critical subject that is time sensitive – you look up, respond and say something like –" may I get back to you in a little while?" Here is what just happened (I have been guilty of this) you have just sent a message, albeit unintentional--- that no one should interrupt you [...]

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Together Everyone Achieves More—that is the acronym for TEAM. A team is a group that has to work together to accomplish a shared vision and or goal. A team is not a group of individual contributors working under the same umbrella for the same company, division, or department. That is a huge difference. We see this in sports. Yes, there are individual stars on the teams. However, they can't win the game alone. For example, in football, there can be a star quarterback. But if the receiver fails to run the route the way the play was drawn up, the pass is incomplete or, worse, intercepted—not a good outcome for the team. I love the quote from Hall of Fame [...]

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Action — but the right kind of action. 

What do I mean by the right kind of action? Well, I don’t mean busyness. Busyness doesn’t build momentum or get results. As leaders, we must be careful when looking at the wrong activity. The action you want is an action that drives the results you want. This is where accountability comes in. The accountability you want drives success, not the kind that only measures results and keeps the score. There are lag and lead measures. Lag measures tell what happened—like the score, "We sold 100 units this week." Lead measures the right activities that predict whether you will achieve the right results. Lead becomes the predictor. You can “course correct” if required by tracking your lead measures. Please don’t [...]

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How is your P-E-P?

So you are wondering what PEP is? Happy you asked. Most leaders have regularly scheduled time to meet with their key team members. As you well know, having an agenda is essential. Going down the "rabbit trail" can be expected and unproductive without discussing specific topics. I have found there are primary components that should be a part of every one-to-one with your people. That is the PEP. P is for Performance. You must discover what happened and what didn't happen since your last PEP meeting. Presumably, the expectations were clear. If not, that is another issue on you, the leader. There should be no secret on what good Performance looks like. What is acceptable and what isn't? The next [...]

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