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A good leader coach. 

Recently, I shared a little about being a leader coach. Here are some more truths with the hope you find these useful. A good coach is POSITIVE; our job isn't to find fault or assess blame. It starts with what is working, what is good and putting energy there. Remember, people grow the most where they know the most. A good coach is ENTHUSIASTIC. Your attitude speaks loudly. It is catchy; be careful of the gloom and doom projecting. A good coach is FOCUSED. To be effective, you must be specific, focused, and keep the discussion on the topic at hand. A good coach is OBSERVANT. Business author and consultant Tom Peters refers to this as "management by walking around [...]

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So you have a setback. Do you? 

As leaders, setbacks come with the territory. We wouldn't need leaders if everything ran smoothly—perhaps a strange way to look at job security. If you have been in leadership for any reasonable amount of time, you have come to accept setbacks, disappointments, conflicts, and just plain failure. You see, in the middle of the pain is where we find authentic leadership. It is the leader's mindset: A SETBACK IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A SET-UP FOR THE COMEBACK. We, as leaders, must wear this on our sleeves. Be an example of how to deal with failure, disappointment etc. My friend and author John Maxwell said it best, "EXPERIENCE IS NOT THE BEST TEACHER, ONLY EVALUATED EXPERIENCE IS." This is where the [...]

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You, the leader coach.

As a leader, we have many responsibilities and wear several hats. The best way to build the business is to help people, mainly your key people grow. You may have seen or heard me say PEOPLE GROWTH = BUSINESS GROWTH, and LACK OF PEOPLE GROWTH =BUSINESS IN DECAY. How about this thought—what is worse, investing in and developing people, and they leave? Or, not develop them, and they stay? I have learned that coaching begins by seeing greatness in people and helping them discover it. I love this quote from German writer Goethe, "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being." Your belief in people will [...]

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The destination disease. 

Destination disease is such a strong phrase that John Maxwell coined.  As a leader, we need to avoid this disease at all costs. The consequences are not good. So, what is destination disease, you ask? It is when you believe you have arrived, have all the answers, are at the top, and have success in your pocket. As a result, the tendency is to stop growing, stop learning, and stop pushing to acquire new skills and knowledge. It is not hard to be content, especially at the top. You have the influence and respect of your people. Here is what I know to be true when you are through learning, YOU ARE THROUGH. That's it, plain and simple. The bottom [...]

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What is your standard? 

As a leader, we all have standards. What is acceptable performance? What will you not tolerate? We all want to rise to the next level, and we expect that of our team. So I have a question for all of us, myself included, do you have a standard of excellence? Webster's New World Dictionary defined excellence as "superiority." Superiority begins and ends with you, the leader. You must expect excellence from yourself, live it out and be an example for others. Co-Founder of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. Horst Schulze authored the book, "Excellence Wins." If you have ever stayed at a Ritz-Carlton, you will experience excellence from the moment you walk in the door (or when you book your stay). Allow [...]

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