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That doesn’t just happen.

Last year I had the privilege and opportunity to get to know Pastor Michael Kai, and I can tell you that he is an inspirational leader. I just finished reading his latest book, “That Doesn’t Just Happen,” and I highly recommend reading it if you are looking to build a culture of true excellence. I love his title. That is so true with your personal growth and development. Your growth and your leadership development "doesn't just happen." You must be intentional and have a plan. For me, it starts with asking myself these questions: How will I be different next year at this time? What new knowledge will I have to acquire to perfect my craft and leadership? What new habits [...]

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What is the purpose of the business?

I was addressing a business fraternity at a university recently, and I was asked, "What is the purpose of the business?"  I shared that my old answer to that question would have been, "To make a profit. Otherwise, why be in business?" But what I have learned is that profits are simply the result of the purpose. I shared that in the simplest terms, the purpose of the business is to create and cost-effectively keep a customer. Because without customers, there is no business. A critical measurement of success in any business is customer satisfaction. Every system, process, and activity must be aimed at satisfying customers in a manner that beats the competition. All successful businesses rely on repeat business, [...]

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Knowledge is Power.

I learned the phrase, “knowledge is power,” many years ago. Indeed, learning and even mastering a subject is satisfying. My intention today is to remind us that “knowledge without action can be powerless.” We can read volumes, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, attend seminars and workshops, and gain valuable information, only to discover there is very little value, if any, without putting into action the concepts, ideas, or principles you have learned. Being a lifelong learner is critical for leaders. However, unless we COMMIT to an action plan from what we have just learned, I ask you,  how valuable was the learning experience? Below are some questions to ask yourself as you seek the power in knowledge: Is what I just [...]

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A plan for today.

It's easy to get "stuck" on yesterday's losses, missed opportunities, or on outcomes we hoped would have gone differently. Yesterday ended at midnight, and today is a new day to refocus your energies, concentration, and passion. However, it's time for some tough love: it's time to move on and make a plan for today. You know what you need, more than I do. What can you commit to as you spend time reflecting on your day? Here are ideas to get you started, but come up with your own to ensure you end today knowing you did the best you could. Today, I will: Make better decisions Add value to another person Be kinder Express gratitude Learn something new Be more [...]

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How not to lead.

Last week I shared thoughts on what it means to be leading from the front. And this week, I am sharing what it doesn’t. I have committed the following sins of leadership, and when you are out front, the temptation is there to do so. Micromanaging: Leading from the front does not mean you become overly involved in the details of what the person is attempting to accomplish. These behaviors can be intimidating and unproductive. If you commit these sins, you may be better off in your office. Eliminating decision-making power: You cannot grow your people when you do all of the thinking for them. Ask more questions, challenge them to discover solutions, and serve as their thinking partner, not [...]

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