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Three Factors for Improving Productivity

In coaching and developing people I have learning there are three factors to improving productivity: To the degree that YOU sincerely BELIEVE that they can ACHIEVE greater performance. To the degree that THEY believe YOU believe in them. To the degree there is mutual trust and respect between you and them. “There is no more noble occupation in the world today than to assist another human being- to help someone become what they can become," Alan McGinnis

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Invaluable Leadership Question

All leaders must ask themselves this question when they are coaching, mentoring, or developing another person: "Am I investing my time, or simply spending it?"   When we invest, we expect a rate of return.  There are 4 factors to determine the ROI on time. Influence Factor:  Do they have influence over others?  Leadership is influence, the function of leadership is to gain more leaders not followers.  Does this person have a sphere of influence where their leadership can be transformational? Capacity Factor: Do they have the capacity to grow?  Is there enough (raw material) in there already?  Is there enough knowledge and skill for them to move their growth needle enough to meet expectations? Attitude Factor: How is their [...]

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Keys to Reflective Listening

Be Prepared- like a good news reporter:  do your homework.  Review any information that is relevant, anticipate responses and follow up questions. Drop Everything- Biggest compliment you can pay another human being is giving your full, undivided attention.  Effective listening requires nothing less.  We all can mult- task, that’s great- but not when you’re eyeball to eyeball. Maintain Eye Contact- You and I know people reveal much about their feeling and comprehension through their eyes.  Always try open expression, relaxed face, make even a tiny smile indicating openness and invites better commination. Have It All- It’s like I know what you’re going to say- so let’s just speed things up and I'll say it for you.  Don’t anticipate the end [...]

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Common Characteristics of Winning Teams: The 4 C’s of Winning Teams

Communicate:  Never assume they get it.  We as leaders must go where they are.  Our world is their world.  Ask plenty of questions, practice active listening. Create:  Must be intentional about a growth environment.  The environment is growing when people are: Challenged Atmosphere is affirming Comfortable with being out of their comfort zone Growth is modeled and expected Forward thinking Desiring positive change Collaborate:  Add value to one another. Three charateristics of collaboration: Like one another Work hard for each other Trust each other Celebrate:  Celebrate the wins.  The common theme is one another.   Together Everyone Achieves More

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