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I will go through the wall for you.

The question is how do we get our people to believe that and say it? What would be the secret sauce that sparks the fire for them to believe that? Well truth be told there are likely several behaviors that you as a leader can demonstrate; including having strong values, ethics, integrity, and authenticity. I believe the secret sauce is believing so strongly in your people that their awareness of your belief in them causes them to rise to new heights of individual growth and achievement. Here is what I am learning about leadership, there is one fundamental belief, and it is foundational. Most, if not all people, have unlimited potential that has been largely unrecognized and untapped. When discovered and accessed, this [...]

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If it ain’t broke, don’t__________. 

Do you recognize that saying? You likely have said it or heard it said. There certainly is merit in that belief. If the system/process is working on all cylinders, leaving it alone is the wisest thing to do. Yes, at first blush, that makes sense. I have been part of that belief. Ok, but what if it is not broken, and you DISCOVER there is a crack someplace? What if "decay" builds up, and you can't see it until there is so much pain the "tooth" needs to be extracted? The operative word here is DISCOVER. In simple terms, you can only discover if you go looking. This is like success. Success can lead to complacency, a mindset that says, "We [...]

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Celebrate success.  Isn’t it true there is something that happens when you celebrate? It really doesn’t matter WHAT is celebrated; it is simply a joyful time recognizing something SPECIAL. As leaders, we should constantly be aware of an occasion to celebrate success and achievement. Celebrating doesn’t mean a trip to Vegas or Cabo San Lucas. Celebrating success is more of an attitude, a mindset, a philosophy. We create a culture where we notice and recognize, and celebrate victories. It can become our natural way of behavior. We celebrate little and big wins. Whether you lead a company, department, division or team, you build an achievement-based culture when you celebrate and recognize your people. You are creating an ongoing, self -perpetuating cycle [...]

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The foundation of trust. I have come to believe at the core of your leadership is trust. Isn’t trust at the heart of any relationship? And leadership is about the relationship between you and the people you choose to lead. As leaders, we build respect by showing respect; this can be the bridge that leads to trust. Below are some factors necessary for building a trusting relationship. Integrity: Knowing the right thing to do and always doing the right thing. Dependable: Being consistent, walking the walk, and always being predictable. Approachable: Your people need to know you are there for them. Competence: Your people know you strive for excellence and are committed to learning and growing. Openness/vulnerable: You are willing [...]

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