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Just give me praise, please.

Recognizing a job well done or an "over the top" achievement is always welcomed by your people. Research has shown that praise and recognition are as important and, in some instances, more important than money. For example, if you received a note written to you from your boss, you have likely kept that the longest in your drawer; in fact, you may still have it. Why is that? Because praise works for everyone, there is no such thing as too much praise (as long as it's sincere). I have learned that regardless of individual preferences, virtually all employees want to hear what great work they have done. By the way, they wouldn't mind hearing it over again. It's like a sweet [...]

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So what is a mentor to do?

Research has proven that most people with mentors stay. Mentoring has become a way to transfer critical skills and knowledge, inspiring loyalty, improved engagement, buy-in, and increased productivity. If the plan is to build a more inclusive organization, mentoring is a powerful approach. I see more mentoring in my consulting and coaching work; and I stress it wherever possible. Results are the proof. The more direct reports who are mentored, the more engaged they become, and the less likely they will think about leaving. The simple truth is mentoring can be done without specific training or much time. In many cases, leaders mentor naturally without even realizing it. When you engage in mentoring, try these practices: Walk your talk: model what is [...]

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