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Not another meeting.

When you are in leadership, you are in plenty of meetings. In many instances, you are leading and facilitating the discussion. You can be confident that around the "watercooler," your people occasionally say," Oh no, not another meeting." Knowing that your team resents another meeting is not a good feeling as the leader. So, what can you do about making the meetings more productive? Here are some "meeting rules "I have found helpful that may help the team look forward to the meeting. It is up to you, the leader, to adhere to them. Have a specific goal for the meeting (be sure to communicate this) Have an agenda, and be sure to stick to it (careful of rabbit trails) [...]

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What is your Why?

Remember, people are not attracted to what you do but to why you do what you do. This simple tool is designed to help you find clarity and put in writing the two essential components of your Why. First, it answers the question of your contribution and who will benefit. Second, it answers the question of the impact and how it will help. Your Why is the belief that drives the decision. It is that sense of purpose, a clear idea of why you come to work every day and do what you do, why your business exists. Your Why is the foundation upon which you build yourself, your business and others you choose to work with. Here is an example, and it happens to [...]

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It’s the customer-s_________

Ok, I'm not trying to be cute. I want to remind us to follow Ritz- Carlton's lead. You may recall their world-famous mantra –WE ARE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SERVING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. You know what I mean if you have stayed at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. They do not consider their business as a hotel business. They are in the EXPERIENCE business. The expectations are simple from top to bottom—create an unbelievable experience with every customer encounter. The focus for Ritz Carlton is always on the customer, making them feel like they are staying in their home. Indeed, this is a good model for all leaders. We need to know what customers want and need and how your services can impact [...]

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What is vision?

Plenty has been spoken and written about vision, so what is vision? For starters, it should be in writing. When you write your vision out, clarity will be present. An unwritten vision is like using a GPS without specifying the destination. When you put the vision in writing and review it consistently, the brain's GPS kicks in. The head and heart collaborate to reach the desired destination. Most great visions come out of real burden and passion. It is visceral and cerebral. It becomes about who you are and what you do. A compelling vision paints a picture of a better tomorrow. Here is what I know to be true, if you want to develop, communicate, and maximize a compelling vision, [...]

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Are you listening to me? 

Can you think of someone in your life, someone very close to you, who often says to you, "You just don't listen to me?" Well, I am guilty of that, and I am working on it. We all know the importance of listening in developing and sustaining a relationship. It is better to understand than be understood. Your team members, the people you lead, expect that of you. They want to be understood. In other words, what they say matters. To be clear, listening is not hearing. Hearing is a physical act. Listening is more intentional and emotional. When we hear, we accept sounds. We are engaged in an active versus passive activity when we listen intentionally. In his book, [...]

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