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Your one thing.

As you know, your leadership has nothing to do with your title or position. Your leadership has everything to do with your ability to influence the behavior of another positively. Your commitment to lifelong learning and being intentional about growing and improving leadership skills will go a long way in your influence. So now I have some questions for you to take a look at. What is the "One Thing "you should STOP doing that may hinder your leadership? Think about this moment; it could be a mannerism(body language), a habit you must break, and sometimes your tone (my wife reminds me about this). Whatever it may be, stop. Another question is, what is the "One Thing" you should START [...]

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It’s a heart thing.

Hey, Leader. Leadership is a heart thing.  Oh boy, here Bob goes again with the "soft "stuff. I believe there is a prevailing myth that leaders are supposed to separate their emotions from a situation and be tough-minded and rational. Here is some news for you, research over the past 20 years has shown the most influential leaders are the most open and caring—I guess "soft" wins gain. Here is the truth, folks, some of the most critical leadership competencies, such as integrity, honor, commitment, conviction, passion, and authenticity, are about the heart. Simply put, there is no faith and hope without the leader's heart. Our people expect their leaders to bring hope and hope for a better future. Author and [...]

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The other side of leadership.

What is it like to be __________? Ok, I will finish the question, "what is it like to be on the other side of you"? As leaders, from time to time, we should ask ourselves, "how are my people experiencing me?" Whether we are conscious about this or not, they are having an experience when they interact with you. As you know, when you signed up for leadership, your every word, every action or inaction is noticed and experienced. As a leader, you have the title, the position, the authority, and the responsibility; therefore, you must lead. However, I believe that doesn't give us permission always to go first. Our people want to be valued and heard. Let's make the experience [...]

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