What is it like to be __________?

Ok, I will finish the question, “what is it like to be on the other side of you”? As leaders, from time to time, we should ask ourselves, “how are my people experiencing me?” Whether we are conscious about this or not, they are having an experience when they interact with you.

As you know, when you signed up for leadership, your every word, every action or inaction is noticed and experienced. As a leader, you have the title, the position, the authority, and the responsibility; therefore, you must lead. However, I believe that doesn’t give us permission always to go first. Our people want to be valued and heard. Let’s make the experience about them first.

As an example, when you begin an interaction, what is the first word out of your mouth? Is it typically the word I? Often, in a meeting, we are the first to talk—after all, it IS “my agenda.” I know this to be true—I am guilty.

I am reminding all of us to be more attentive and aware of the experience we are creating. We need to model what we are expecting. Let’s create an “others first mindset. “Our language, tone, and body language all create the experience- the other side of you.

There are two types of leaders: One walks in the room, and he/she essentially says, “Here I am, people” The other walks in the room and says, “There YOU are.” It is your choice.

I am putting a challenge out there. Let’s be intentional about saying, “there you are. “Let’s make them have the best experience of you. It will take work. It’s worth it.