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Strengths or weaknesses? 

Ok, which one do you focus on? Which one do you have a team member focus on? Conventional wisdom suggests, "You already excel at something. Put your energy into improving your weakness." That sounds good, except we need to put the question through the filter of "Where will I get the best ROI?" Because you have limited time. Your time is precious; we need to be careful where we invest our time. Management guru Peter Drucker states, "Put your time and energy into your strengths; you will make your weaknesses irrelevant." I subscribe to that thinking. I have learned we have the best opportunity for growth where we know the most. Please know that I am not dismissing addressing areas that need [...]

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The paradox of customer focus 

As leaders, we want to build our teams. We want them to buy into the vision and mission. We expect them to be customer-focused. I don’t know about you, but I have experienced companies that state they are customer-focused, but their actions speak otherwise. They may have an impressive mission statement on the wall, but no one heeds it. Then there are leaders of other companies who see the value of customer focus but are unable to align their people with the vision and mission and move them into their daily practice. Now, there are other leaders who clearly articulate where they want to go and why they are going there. They walk the talk and model customer-focused behaviors. For [...]

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If you don’t understand me, how can you lead me? 

Communication, communication, communication. Or is it a lack of effective communication? I see and experience this often in my role as a business coach. The employer/leader says to me, “He is driving me crazy; he frustrates me to no end. I can’t seem to penetrate him and get him to understand what needs to be done." Well, my client is a hard-driving, bottom-line, results-oriented person. Therefore, when he speaks, he at times is like speaking in a foreign language. I have talked with his employee. He is a very mild-mannered, process-oriented person. And by the way, a good loyal employee. The bottom line, they are both equally frustrated. They both see the world differently. One is about results, and the other is [...]

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Time for a check-up. What are you projecting?

In a recent workshop I conducted last week, we discussed the importance of our belief in our people. I'd like to share with you some of the thoughts I shared with the group. For starters, your expectations, what you unconsciously think each of your people can produce and will produce, are powerful beliefs telepathically sent out to them. You see, what I know to be true is, you project these beliefs in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Unconsciously we say, "I expect you to perform at a high level and do a great job." Or we may project (not intentionally), "I really don't expect too much." Your every action supports your belief. For example, how you look at someone could send [...]

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