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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

 The above is a quote from legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden. Great leaders in any field are constantly learning and growing. I also firmly believe that “Learners are not always leaders, but leaders are always learners.” The origin of that quote is unknown, so I suggest we all claim it as our own and begin applying that practice to our daily lives. You see, I believe, if you are not continually learning, you are not leading to your full potential. A short time ago, after delivering a keynote on, Leaders are Lifelong Learners, an attendee approached me with this question," Bob as a new leader, what do you think I should work on improving?” She added, “I am pretty good [...]

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How is your framing?

As leaders, we are constantly in meetings and having one-to-one conversations with team members. As a result, you have to deeply appreciate the POWER OF YOUR WORDS. Over the years I realized that every syllable that came out of my mouth was noticed and scrutinized. I have found every word has a meaning that evokes images and ideas and reminds people of their past experiences and values. The wrong word can send a message that you never intended. GUILTY AS CHARGED ( speaking for myself). The solution is simple, however, difficult to put into practice with the pressures of the day-to-day and our bias toward results. I have learned the key is PREPARATION. Prior to the meeting or one-to-one, think [...]

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A simple question.

As a leader, I have discovered powerful questions are the key to effective coaching and the development of people. So here is my question, "How powerful and impactful are your questions?" Great questions are like gold, very valuable, and also rare. We need to take care and intend not to ask closed-end questions. Answers from a team member that are Yes, No, Ok, Fine fail in providing accurate information required in addressing potential issues/opportunities. Also, these types of questions often lack what is needed to bring out the best solution to the team member’s growth. Like many skills required as a leader, learning to ask powerful questions requires time, practice, and training. However, when learned these questions not only add value [...]

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Are you a leader or a coach?

Here is what I know to be true: great leaders are not leaders of followers, they are leaders of leaders. The very essence of leading is to get more leaders not more followers. That is how we get the multiplier effect.  So, the question for you today is, "Who on your team are you coaching into a great leader?" The bottom line is if you are in a position of leadership, you are a coach. Your mentoring, instructing, leading by example, encouraging, challenging, and praising are all part of being a leader and a coach. We all have an opportunity to make an impact on another on the team. So today, I’m reminding us to constantly be looking for opportunities to coach [...]

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