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Leadership: what it is, and what it isn’t. 

When you hear the word “leader," what immediately comes to mind? I have asked that question to audiences and groups countless times. The answers are typically a public figure, a CEO or company president, a famous statesman, an outstanding athlete, and often anyone with a title. Additionally, these people are frequently mentioned in the press therefore they can be top of mind. Here is what I know to be absolutely true, you could have the title of manager, director, vice president, etc. You can have direct reports, however, these titles would not necessarily make you a leader. Titles are granted, but being a leader is earned. It is earned and given to you by the same people you lead. The [...]

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Someone is waiting.

Well, truth be told, they may not be waiting; however, there is likely someone you need to confront in your organization or team. Confronting an individual about an issue is simply part of leadership. Procrastinating only hurts, I have learned that painfully throughout the years. Why is confrontation so difficult? I believe we often misunderstand its purpose. Our goal should always be not to punish or excommunicate but to restore. I have developed a checklist for you to consider when faced with the need to confront someone. Ask yourself, "Is this issue really big? Who are the stakeholders affected? Check your motive, have the right mindset -- help, not humiliate Be specific- no hints, and don't beat around the bush [...]

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Who should I lead next? 

I was asked that question this week by an entrepreneur who is building his company and team. He is a new client to LeadOne and I think I shocked him with my direct response. I simply said, "How about you? You should be the first person you lead." I strongly believe if we can’t effectively lead ourselves, how can we lead others? He continued by asking, "What does leading myself look like?" Perhaps, you are asking that as well? I suggested he think of words or activities that he believes are critical to effectively leading others—in other words, characteristics and skills a leader should have. As soon as he started to identify them, he knew where I was taking him. Some [...]

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Your most important asset always deserves your attention.

It should be no secret to you, in my opinion, and experience that the most important assets in our organizations are our people and in particular our leaders and top performers. As leaders, when we create and commit to a process of training, coaching, and mentoring, it may be the best investment of time and energy. You are busy, stuff is going on, plenty of irons in the fire, I know. I also know and remind us all not to act as if time and experience alone will improve our people. It requires resources, time, and attention. Allow me to be direct and blunt to make the point – if we don’t invest time and money in good people, we [...]

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