Well, truth be told, they may not be waiting; however, there is likely someone you need to confront in your organization or team.

Confronting an individual about an issue is simply part of leadership. Procrastinating only hurts, I have learned that painfully throughout the years.

Why is confrontation so difficult? I believe we often misunderstand its purpose. Our goal should always be not to punish or excommunicate but to restore.

I have developed a checklist for you to consider when faced with the need to confront someone.

  • Ask yourself, “Is this issue really big? Who are the stakeholders affected?
  • Check your motive, have the right mindset — help, not humiliate
  • Be specific- no hints, and don’t beat around the bush
  • Explain with clarity why this action could be or is damaging
  • Never attack the person— it is the behavior or action
  • Never undermine the person’s self-confidence — value the person
  • Ask clarifying questions, encourage a response, and listen
  • Acknowledge the person’s strengths
  • Be intentional about finishing on a positive note

Just remember to take action as early as possible; the matter just doesn’t disappear.