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The Five Components of Speaking.

As leaders we have numerous occasions to speak to groups, teams, classrooms etc. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, vision, mission, new initiative/project and many more. Below are five components of effective communication and speaking techniques: THE ART OF THE START Capture attention with a strong opening statement. Communicate the WHY, what is in it for them? KEEP IT RELEVANT Messaging should be more future based with positive change. Past can be helpful for context. Use simple terms. KEY THEME Make your message “sticky"-- when it is relevant and profound, you have their attention. PICTURES/STORIES If possible, put them in the story, the story/picture can help drive your theme CALL TO ACTION Communicate the desired outcome, what does success look [...]

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How is your alignment? 

Yes, your alignment. I’m not referring to your golf swing or your tires on your car. I am talking about your people and their alignment with your goals, vision and mission. As leaders we can’t hope for alignment, we need assurance we have it. Below is what I have learned to be true when it comes to determining if we are in alignment in these critical areas: Always share what is going on (believe me, the good ones want to know). Help them understand the WHY. The WHY will engage them. Always ask for input— demonstrate your excellent listening skills by just listening. Let them know you heard them. Always seek commitment. You have a better opportunity to gain a [...]

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What happens in your absence?

I first learned the use of the phrase, "hit by a bus," from reading Gallop Researcher Jim Collin’s book, Built to Last. Jim wrote that through his research and experience, all of the successful companies he had worked with passed the "hit by a bus" standard. Simply put, if you were to be hit by the proverbial bus tomorrow, would your team or organization go on without you? Would they continue to improve beyond where they are today? If your answer is yes, then you are a “clock builder” instead of a "time teller." The clock builder builds the clock, develops systems and process around what really matters. The result—people use the clock to tell time themselves. The time teller has [...]

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Establishing trust. 

Every leader wants an environment where all team members feel they are an integral part, and that they are contributing to the good of the organization. When this happens, we get results. To build an environment like this, we must start with TRUST. This is not new, we know this. The question is, it may seem natural and easy, but how do we do it? I have found we must demonstrate and show people we BELIEVE and CARE about them. Here are four steps you can take that may help in establishing the needed TRUST. BELIEVE THAT YOUR PEOPLE WANT TO CONTRIBUTE Here is what I know to be true—most if not all (maybe 99%) of the people come to [...]

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