Check on your 4S’s

Hey Leaders, I have some good news and bad news. Well, not bad, but it could be eye-opening. We are approaching the end of the first quarter for those operating under a calendar year. That can be sad news for some. Like, wow, 25% of the year is gone. The good news, if that is your situation, you have 75% left to correct. Over the years, I have found a simple process to "check in" from time to time. This is an opportunity for you to put some eyes on four critical areas of your business plan. I call it the 4 S’s. They are: STRUCTURE: Do I have the right people in the right roles? Do I have too [...]

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Compare? Don’t you dare? 

Comparison for a leader is dangerous. It can prevent us from celebrating our accomplishments. You may have just done a great thing, and when you compare it to great things others have done, it can be a "downer." I like the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Comparison is the thief of joy." A couple of things can happen in the comparison lane: You feel inferior to others You feel superior to others In each case, there is not a good outcome. As a leader, let me remind you to be the best version of yourself. Your people are expecting you to be authentic and at the top of your game. When you feel inferior, it will show up. When you feel superior, [...]

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What would it take for them to say, “I will work my butt off for you?” 

I'm sure we all would want our team members to say that. So how does that happen? Well, it is simple- but not easy. Now is the time to assess your leadership's so-called "softer skills." Here is something to think about as you strive to increase performance: It is difficult leading someone you don't value; do you value them? And most important, do they know that? Have you told them? Do you acknowledge achievements both in public and privately? Do you look for and acknowledge their strengths? Do you think you are upfront and straightforward about problem areas? Do you listen to them? When you are in a one-to-one, do they feel they are the most critical person in your world [...]

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Asking Purposeful Questions

On a typical day, you probably ask plenty of questions. They are likely intended to gain information, get clarity, etc. From a leadership perspective, I believe they do more than this. Well phrased questions present opportunities to teach and reinforce shared values of the organization. I have found the key to asking good leadership questions is to think about the “quest” in your inquiry. Where do you want to take this person, group, team, etc. with your question? What values/beliefs are you trying to reinforce with your questions? For example: What questions can you ask if you want people to focus on integrity, trust, or customer satisfaction? Or their personal growth? How about creativity? Your questions of this nature should be [...]

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Someone is waiting.

Well, truth be told, they may not be waiting; however, there is likely someone you need to confront in your organization or team. Confronting an individual about an issue is simply part of leadership. Procrastinating only hurts, I have learned that painfully throughout the years. Why is confrontation so difficult? I believe we often misunderstand its purpose. Our goal should always be not to punish or excommunicate but to restore. I have developed a checklist for you to consider when faced with the need to confront someone. Ask yourself, "Is this issue really big? Who are the stakeholders affected? Check your motive, have the right mindset -- help, not humiliate Be specific- no hints, and don't beat around the bush [...]

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