If you are leading, nothing is more rewarding than guiding someone to grow and become all they can be. It doesn’t matter if you lead a large company, a department, or a small group of team members. Your leadership (your influence) matters.

Leading, as you know, is also very challenging at times. People are complex, emotional, and have preferences (I could make a long list of what I mean). So what is a leader to do? Is there a secret sauce? Well, I’m not sure about a secret formula, but I can remind you and share some truths I have come to
hold on to it.

Your people buy into you before buying into your vision and plan. 
As a leader, this is critical. Are you connecting with them? Do you really know what is happening in their world? What challenges they may be facing? (on and off the job) Are you authentic and open and honest, perhaps even vulnerable?

Everyone wants to feel worthwhile.
The question for us is, are we really listening to them? Are we praising them when they need it? Are we giving regular encouragement? Do they know they matter? Do they understand their role in the vision and mission?

Choose to believe they want to be successful in their work. 
This is a good premise for leadership. People want to get better; they desire growth, and with that comes security. Our role in our leadership is to equip them with the tools and resources so they can shine.

Accept the responsibility to be a leader-maker. 
A leader is in the manufacturing business. We want more leaders, not just followers. We must put in place the systems and processes for people’s growth. Is your environment one that fosters growth and challenges people to excel and improve? We must take ownership in this area.