As leaders, we know that many activities are critical to the organization’s success. Right now, I am identifying FOUR that we must intentionally improve. I believe we own the results; we may have selected someone on the team to execute—but ultimately, we own it.

Those four include selecting qualified people, setting expectations, training them, and developing them.

Below, I have selected some potential questions your people may be asking themselves and are looking for answers that only you can answer.

  • Do I know what is expected of me? Is there 100% clarity on the what, where, when, how?
  • Am I equipped with the tools and resources to do the job effectively?
  • Who can I count on for direction and support when I need it?
  • Am I in the right “swim lane,” where I can excel and shine?
  • Am I getting recognized for my achievements? Am I getting the praise I desire when I go the “extra mile” or exceed expectations?
  • Does my supervisor demonstrate care about me as a person?
  • Am I valued? Am I listened to?
  • Do I see the possibilities for my growth and development?

The bottom line is simply this: if you want positive answers to these questions from your people, you must put in place a top-notch selection process, set clear expectations, provide the tools and train them, and have an ongoing personal growth and development program.