You know that connection is a key to developing the relationship and, in turn, developing people. It all starts with the leader connecting.

As leaders, we need to be very intentional when connecting with those we choose to lead. We need to remember they want to be seen. They want to be understood. They want to be valued. They want to be heard. After all, don’t YOU?

We can only do that when we are upfront and personal. That is where the impact will come from, not on the stage or in a meeting with others present.

So here is the TYPE A treatment:

  • Give them 100% ATTENTION. Be locked in on everything they say. Eliminate any potential distractions. Listen with the utmost curiosity. Staying curious helps you learn a great deal. Be careful not to be too quick with your response or input. (Hard to do at times).
  • Always be prepared to AFFIRM them. Tell them and show them how much you value them. Give them positive examples of their value. Let them know how much you believe in them.
  • Show how much you APPRECIATE them. Expressing gratitude and appreciation can sometimes get missed in our busy lives. I promise you they will appreciate your gratitude. You want to be appreciated, and so do they.

How will you be intentional about the TYPE A treatment?