When you are intentional about Making Today Your Masterpiece, you will make a positive impact on others. For most leaders, we tend to gravitate to those who have the greatest potential. You need to invest your time with those who will provide you with the best ROI.

LBWA stands for Leadership By Walking Around. Each morning, when you rise, your daily calendar is filled with plenty of opportunities to impact others and make a difference. You have set meetings, one to one’s, decisions to make, problems to solve, deadlines to meet, and calls to make, some more important than others. I believe someone on your team, in your company or department, is waiting for You to Be Their Somebody Today.

When you apply LBWA you approach and engage with someone you do not generally interact with. You can make them feel “seen.” A simple, “How is your day going?” “Is there something you are frustrated about?” or “How can we support you more?”  Frankly, what you say to them doesn’t matter that much. It is the simple fact you noticed them, they felt important.

Taking the time to engage with that employee and making them feel important helps you “ qualify for your Masterpiece. Another way to say it—by making someone’s day –you just made yours. Try LBWA (or, in this virtual world, a Zoom coffee chat); I promise you wonderful results.