It should be no secret to you, in my opinion, and experience that the most important assets in our organizations are our people and in particular our leaders and top performers.

As leaders, when we create and commit to a process of training, coaching, and mentoring, it may be the best investment of time and energy.

You are busy, stuff is going on, plenty of irons in the fire, I know. I also know and remind us all not to act as if time and experience alone will improve our people. It requires resources, time, and attention.

Allow me to be direct and blunt to make the point – if we don’t invest time and money in good people, we don’t deserve them. In fact, we probably deserve to lose them, and likely will. It’s just a matter of time. The good ones always have options.

There is one thing worse than developing and training people and having them leave you, it’s not developing and training them and having them stay.

One of our responsibilities is to take the human capital we have been entrusted with and make it more valuable tomorrow than it is today. This is where the greatest ROI is: in human capital: our most important asset.