Here is what I know to be true: great leaders are not leaders of followers, they are leaders of leaders.

The very essence of leading is to get more leaders not more followers.
That is how we get the multiplier effect.  So, the question for you today is, “Who on your team are you coaching into a great leader?”

The bottom line is if you are in a position of leadership, you are a coach. Your mentoring, instructing, leading by example, encouraging, challenging, and praising are all part of being a leader and a coach.

We all have an opportunity to make an impact on another on the team. So today, I’m reminding us to constantly be looking for opportunities to coach and develop others.

  • Here are some characteristics of successful leaders and coaches.
  • They have a sense of mission
  • They are able to help the team focus
  • They perform from a game plan
  • They put people in their strength zones
  • They are clear with their expectations
  • They use care and candor

There just might be someone on your team waiting for you COACH. All the best