In the company, department, division, or team, we have a value proposition that articulates our differentiation. In a competitive environment, this is critical. The features, benefits, and costs must be communicated. Also, from time to time, they should be re-engineered or re-evaluated.

I believe the same is true with you and me as leaders. For example  How and what are you doing to create value? Is there something you need to start doing? Maybe something you need to do more of. Or, possibly, is there something that you should stop doing? Is it possible a certain behavior on your part or team member is counterproductive?

Here is something we all need to consider,” What is my personal value proposition? And what difference am I making?” And the hardest question of all, “Who is succeeding because of me?” This is where the rubber meets the road, and the essence of leadership: people development. People grow the enterprise.

You have value, or you wouldn’t be a leader. On occasion, we need to re-engineer: or re-evaluate what that value is. Is it part of your day-to-day? Are you bringing it to “the table”? Your team is waiting. I encourage you to develop your Personal Value Proposition and bring it to the trenches.