As a leader, I have discovered powerful questions are the key to effective coaching and the development of people. So here is my question, “How powerful and impactful are your questions?”

Great questions are like gold, very valuable, and also rare. We need to take care and intend not to ask closed-end questions. Answers from a team member that are Yes, No, Ok, Fine fail in providing accurate information required in addressing potential issues/opportunities. Also, these types of questions often lack what is needed to bring out the best solution to the team member’s growth.

Like many skills required as a leader, learning to ask powerful questions requires time, practice, and training. However, when learned these questions not only add value to your leadership but most importantly helps people get to the right place with where they need to go—like a GPS.

Here are just a sample of open-ended questions I’ve found helpful:

  • Tell me about your progress this week.
  • What roadblocks or obstacles are in your way?
  • What are the next steps you are willing to take?
  • What other opinions can you think of?
  • I’m curious, tell me more about that?
  • What is the biggest challenge for you?

The key is to STAY CURIOUS and keep searching and digging. Less telling is best in most situations. Be intentional about asking POWERFUL QUESTIONS, all the best.