Remember, people are not attracted to what you do but to why you do what you do.

This simple tool is designed to help you find clarity and put in writing the two essential components of your Why.

  • First, it answers the question of your contribution and who will benefit.
  • Second, it answers the question of the impact and how it will help.

Your Why is the belief that drives the decision. It is that sense of purpose, a clear idea of why you come to work every day and do what you do, why your business exists.

Your Why is the foundation upon which you build yourself, your business and others you choose to work with.

Here is an example, and it happens to be my Why:
To intentionally connect and add value to select individuals (the contribution) so that my influence will help them grow and become all they can be (the impact).

Please remember that your Why is always about the other person. It can be an individual, customer or client, but it is not about you.