Plenty has been spoken and written about vision, so what is vision? For starters, it should be in writing. When you write your vision out, clarity will be present. An unwritten vision is like using a GPS without specifying the destination. When you put the vision in writing and review it consistently, the brain’s GPS kicks in. The head and heart collaborate to reach the desired destination.

Most great visions come out of real burden and passion. It is visceral and cerebral. It becomes about who you are and what you do. A compelling vision paints a picture of a better tomorrow.

Here is what I know to be true, if you want to develop, communicate, and maximize a compelling vision, it must be clear and compelling.

Clarity: does it clearly articulate, in detail, what the future looks like? Does it communicate the journey from the current reality to the desired future state? What the
business will feel like. How will the business function in the future?

Compelling: does your vision have “magnetic pull power?” Will the vision entice the organization to enter an uncomfortable zone for a better future?

When you speak with clarity and passion, the right people in the organization will jump at the chance to buy in, engage, and become your vision carriers.