The question is how do we get our people to believe that and say it?

What would be the secret sauce that sparks the fire for them to believe that? Well truth be told there are likely several behaviors that you as a leader can demonstrate; including having strong values, ethics, integrity, and authenticity.

I believe the secret sauce is believing so strongly in your people that their awareness of your belief in them causes them to rise to new heights of individual growth and achievement.

Here is what I am learning about leadership, there is one fundamental belief, and it is foundational. Most, if not all people, have unlimited potential that has been largely unrecognized and untapped. When discovered and accessed, this potential can lead them to far greater levels of productivity.

Do you believe this? Not only intellectually but viscerally-in your gut. By the way its always been this way. You’re probably where you are today because somebody was your somebody. They had a fundamental belief in you and helped you discover the abilities you didn’t know you had.  When you truly believe in them, it looks like this:

  • You value them
  • You acknowledge their contributions, not shortcomings
  • You seek and point out their strengths
  • You are open and honest with feedback on problem areas
  • You LISTEN TO THEM (really listen to them, this is hard to do at times)
  • You demonstrate care in them

Remember at the end of the day, it is all about believing in them to the point where they know it and will say, “I will go through the wall for you.”