All leaders must ask themselves this question when they are coaching, mentoring, or developing another person:

“Am I investing my time, or simply spending it?”


When we invest, we expect a rate of return.  There are 4 factors to determine the ROI on time.

Influence Factor:  Do they have influence over others?  Leadership is influence, the function of leadership is to gain more leaders not followers.  Does this person have a sphere of influence where their leadership can be transformational?

Capacity Factor: Do they have the capacity to grow?  Is there enough (raw material) in there already?  Is there enough knowledge and skill for them to move their growth needle enough to meet expectations?

Attitude Factor: How is their mindset belieft system? Are they glass half full, or glass half empty? Are they jaded? Cynical? They must come to the table wanting to improve.

Passion Factor: Do they have an “other’s mindset?” A herat to serve, and add value to others? Do their actions demonstrate a desire to serve, and make a difference? What are they passionate about?