Often it is easy to slip into the habit of not being present. After all, as a leader, you have plenty of activities in your mind and at your office.

Here’s an example. Someone on your team “pops their head into your door” and asks—” Have a minute?” Oh boy, here it comes (do they mean a minute?). You are in the middle of something; it could be a critical subject that is time sensitive – you look up, respond and say something like –” may I get back to you in a little while?”

Here is what just happened (I have been guilty of this) you have just sent a message, albeit unintentional— that no one should interrupt you when you are busy. What would it have meant to that person if you broke away for a minute, stood up from your seat, gave them 100% eye contact, and asked, “How can I help?” Being responsive and fully present to their question makes a much better statement than “Don’t bother me when I’m busy.” If an extended conversation is needed, then schedule an appointment. Now you have a win-win.

You see, when you stop, make eye contact and listen, you send a message. That message will enhance communication and build trust. Your people always pay close attention to your actions (one of the prices of leadership); therefore, ALWAYS BEING FULLY PRESENT is the right action and message to send. I realize this is not easy at times. However, I have found it is a good habit to be intentional.

Being fully present is a trust-building habit, and remember—TRUST IS THE CURRENCY OF THE RELATIONSHIP.