Curiosity may have killed the cat, but generosity brings life to all parties involved.


As leaders, we have the privilege to give in many ways.  Our generosity is not limited to our financial resources.  However, what better feeling is there than to give your resources to another in need, and support causes we care about. “When one candle lights another- there are now two lit candles.”


We can give our time and energy to causes.  Volunteerism is our honor and privilege.  Organizations (civic, charitable, industry etc.) need talents and skills of effective leaders.  We all have the time.  It is true.  The old saying “busy people get things done.”  Our communities need our wisdom, talents and skills to guide and direct the impact of the organization.


As leaders, we should always be mentoring  others.  Giving away to others, our skills and experience are very impactful: “all that is not given is lost.”


Another way to give away may be some of our possessions.  What are you hanging on to that someone else may benefit more by having?  There may be something that may make a substantial difference in the life of another person.


I’m learning that true generosity is a “HEART” thing.  Giving for the right reason- unconditionally, with no expected return in my view must come from the heart.