Is there one superior to the other?  Is there a distinction?  What is the distinction?


Management is processes that keep people and technology running smoothly.  In simple terms- its systems, procedures and processes.  All must be “managed” to produce the outcomes required.


The important aspects of management are:  planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, controlling, problem solving.


Leadership creates the organization,  casts the vision and leads change.  In simple terms: it’s influence, it’s people.


Author and Harvard Professor John Kotter in his book: Force for Change, asserts when the above aspects of management function effectively, there is a degree of predictability.  This can produce short term results.


The important aspects of leadership are: establishing and communicating direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiriting.


Kotter further asserts when leadership is effective it will produce change and often to a dramatic degree.


They both have a function.