What motivates you?

In Daniel Goleman’s work he sights motivation as an important component of emotional intelligence (EQ). He defines motivation as “a passion for work that goes beyond money and status.” My own experience, combined with working with other leaders has taught me that what gets the “juices flowing,” and what puts “the fire in the belly” is critical.

You get up every day and want to tackle the problems, win new business deals, help another person grow and develop, and serve your clients/customers — that’s your motivation. It is that simple. We are best positioned for success when we’re passionate and motivated by what we are doing.

So here is the question, “What motivates you?” Where will you go for momentum and inspiration? How can you better tap what’s already inside of you to revitalize your spirit? The formula is to link your actions and behavior to your biggest motivating factors in order to achieve your goals.

Having this level of EQ can inform us where it’s best to invest our time and where we may want to delegate to others and allow them to shine. Here is a quick pulse check:
Am I energized by helping others grow and develop?
Do I take an interest in partnering with others to help them solve their problems?
Do I have a positive outlook, regardless of the circumstances, or present challenges?
Am I driven to find the energy every day to compete and be the best me I can be?
Your answers may guide you to a better understanding of your motivation. What you are passionate about? What you would like to improve? Remember motivation is within your control.