Depending on your age, you may not be aware of that slogan. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office that stated “THE BUCK STOPS HERE.” This phrase during that time become very popular. Well, that may have been many, many years ago, however it applies just as much today as it did then.

I have found the truth is whatever your role may be: CEO, Dist Supervisor, Dept. Head, School Principal, it doesn’t matter, YOU COUNT THE MOST.

What I know to be true is, PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE and PEOPLE LEAVE PEOPLE. Research has proven this time and time again. It is not always about money or perks. These may get them in the door, but may not keep them there. If the Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s just that.

Here is the reality, factors that drive employee engagement and satisfaction and commitment are largely within your control. Yes, it is the soft stuff.

So the question is, “How are you connecting with your best, and how often?”

Are you listening to them? They want to be heard. After all, the most important asset to our organizations is our people, and in particular, our key winners, why wouldn’t we invest our time in them?

Just a reminder: the retention buck stops with you. You have the influence and power to make a difference. There may be someone today, you need to connect with. When you do, watch what happens.