Most leaders meet regularly with their team members; I refer to these meetings as Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP) sessions or one-to-one time.

Ask open-ended questions to understand better what your team is focusing on and how you can best support them. It can be challenging to determine whether these meetings are well-invested or an ineffective checkmark. My experience has taught me not to turn this valuable time into a training session or a long, drawn-out strategy session. Instead, use this time to identify better execution, results, and behavior change.

There may be some coaching and or mentoring during the PEP, so be careful not to park there too long and not get to a commitment to action.
Your team member, coachee, or mentee may want to stray away from accountability. That is not acceptable in your world. Every one-to-one session must end with a commitment to action. That is how you determine if you had adequate, productive time.

On the assumption you have completed the components of PEP as highlighted above, I find it helpful to ask, “What are you willing to commit to?”