I learned the phrase, “knowledge is power,” many years ago. Indeed, learning and even mastering a subject is satisfying.

My intention today is to remind us that “knowledge without action can be powerless.”

We can read volumes, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, attend seminars and workshops, and gain valuable information, only to discover there is very little value, if any, without putting into action the concepts, ideas, or principles you have learned.

Being a lifelong learner is critical for leaders. However, unless we COMMIT to an action plan from what we have just learned, I ask you,  how valuable was the learning experience?

Below are some questions to ask yourself as you seek the power in knowledge:

  • Is what I just learned relevant for me today? Is there an opportunity to capture? If so, what makes it suitable? Is there an issue to resolve?
  • Will I commit the time required to execute the idea, concept, etc.?
  • Do I have the resources?
  • Are there other people I need to bring on board, partner with, and collaborate with to make this successful?

Once you have identified what needs to be done, put a step-by-step process in place. Have accountability with deadlines. You will notice the learning curve moving upward.

Make Today your Masterpiece,