Thanksgiving is coming. Yes, it is one of our most revered holidays. A time set aside

not just for turkey and all the trimmings but a time of giving thanks for all the
good we have in our lives.

Today, I am appealing to all in the Lead One Community. An appeal to begin the daily habit of expressing gratitude. I know this takes work. We have busy lives, plenty coming at us from all angles.

I have learned that one of the best ways of dealing with daily pressures and anxiety is to form an attitude of gratitude. It does take practice. It requires being aware of all the good in your life and intentional about giving thanks.

When you start to make your list, I promise your soul will be filled. Your smile will be broader and your heart warmer. You can’t express gratitude and, at the same time, feel bad.

Of course, we have issues and challenges in everyday life. Be grateful for them; there is a lesson waiting, only if you are intentional and aware. Some might have disagreed with this and think it is another “softee” from me. Well, that is your choice.

I choose to express gratitude for:

  • The smile and laughter of a young child
  • The abundance of opportunity we have
  • The sun that shines, the rain and snowfall
  • The love and respect from my family
  • The friends that put up with me
  • At work, teammates who share a vision and mission

The list could go on—you get the point. Let’s all get on THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE train and not limit the train to the national holiday. You can make every day YOUR MASTERPIECE with GRATITUDE first.