As many of you know, I love the phrase, “Make Today Your Masterpiece.”  So much so that I decided to write a book with that title.

In a recent workshop I was conducting, one of the participants asked me what would constitute a masterpiece on any given day. Well, a good question of course. The answer is personal.

I responded by reminding everyone of the definition of a masterpiece. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines a masterpiece as, “Great work, showpiece, a perfect model, things done or made with masterful skill.”

What makes it personal is that at the end of each day, you reflect on your activity and your actions to determine if the day was your greatest work, your showpiece.

Here is where the rubber hits the road; I strongly believe your masterpiece has nothing to do with all your appointments and activities and how busy and exhausted you may be at the end of your day.

Your masterpiece has everything to do with how much of an impact you had on the people you decided to add value to today. You will NEVER get another TODAY. Did you help make their life better today because you were in their life?

You see, what I have learned to be true is that my leadership effectiveness results from how I have helped people grow and be better. That is how a leader should keep score. If the people are getting better, the business will grow.

When leaders are asked what their most important asset they almost intuitively respond, “My people. “ If that is true, investing in your most important asset is worthwhile. That can become your masterpiece.