We all have plenty of work to do, plenty of activities, appointments, projects, deadlines to meet, customers/clients to serve—the list goes on—you know what I’m talking about.

At any given time of the week or the day, there is that One Thing that is the Main Thing. Whatever it is, you must be all in, present, focused and ready to execute.

I assume every team member has their Main Thing. Perhaps many people reading this are conducting a huddle, a weekly or even daily brief meeting. The frequency is specific to your needs.

When you schedule a huddle, please follow these ideas to make sure you deliver on the Main Thing.

  • There is a designated time when the leaders meet. Each member reports their Main Thing that week or day.
  • I recommend the leader reports first. Team members need to know what is critical for the leader. The leader sets the pace. Then, go to each member. It is simply announcing and then reporting outcomes.

This simple process accomplishes a great deal. For example, It brings unity in play, and all players know the priorities. (right-hand knows left ). It allows other members to weigh in and offer help if needed. To be clear, there are only two components to the Main Thing huddle.

  • What is my Main Thing this week, and why now?
  • What is the outcome of last week’s Main Thing?

If you haven’t tried the Main Thing huddle, I urge you to try it with your direct reports or inner circle. It may require a few huddles before it is smooth.