“Who me? I’m the leader; I am supposed to be doing all the teaching around here.”  I sure hope that is not the mindset of anyone reading this. That mindset is extremely dangerous.

The correct answer is I AM TEACHABLE. I can’t be an effective leader without a strong desire to become more, learn more and grow more. I love Ghandi’s quote, “Live like you will die tomorrow, and learn like you will live forever.”

You may be at the “top of your game” and  feel like you have it “all together.”  If that is the case, you may need a dose of humility. Staying humble is critical for a leader on a journey to grow and improve. In fact, it has been said that “we grow where we know the most.”

So the question is, “How teachable are you?” Take your pulse on the following:

  • Do I listen more than I speak?
  • Do I readily admit when I’m wrong?
  • Am I vulnerable?
  • Do I ask plenty of questions?
  • Am I truly open to other ideas?
  • Am I open to changing my opinion based on new information?

We need to be careful and avoid the enemy of being teachable—it’s called pride. Guarding against and eliminating the “I’m the leader-I’m superior mindset” can help us stay humble and teachable.

I firmly believe our people want to follow a leader who is humble, vulnerable and, above all, has a “teachable spirit.” That spirit will be contagious.