Last week, I shared five of my top 10 leadership activities that great leaders perform. This week is the other five. Please remember that there is no priority or order; these all are critical and impactful when applied.

GREAT LEADERS ask more questions.
Staying curious is important in building relationships and discovering more about the people you lead. Oftentimes times, there is a tendency for the leader to talk more than listen. Open-ended questions can unlock many doors in the process of developing people. The relationship is strengthened when we help people discover solutions and overcome
barriers through probing questions.
Great leaders are not the boss or the pal.

GREAT LEADERS  are not the boss or their pals.
We must always walk this fine line—you can be friendly but not their friend. Indeed, at times, this is challenging. We need to be more mindful of that. It is fair to both parties to set the boundaries.

GREAT LEADERS always celebrate.
As leaders we can’t celebrate enough, be on the lookout for situations where you can celebrate. By the way, not just significant victories, or home runs, but the little ones, the singles. Celebrating drives momentum. Public recognition is always welcome.

GREAT LEADERS have an other’s mindset. 
We must remember it is always about them—their agenda and how we can serve it. We need to partner with them on their journey. Make them feel valued; listen to them. Walk alongside them. They will soon discover you care.

GREAT LEADERS are better listeners. 

An old axiom, “You can learn more when you listen more.” It is simple: they want to be understood, valued, and listened to. Remember to stay “locked in” with good eye contact. Keep practicing better listening.